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Cilla wouldn't be proud of this out-of-order mess of pages, but I need to begin somewhere. Unfortunately it seems to begin at the end :(   This will take a lot of time, and I can only do it slowly.

Page from friends

Here Without You (rewritten)

My best friend died

Poem 5-5

The Cilli & Buddy Spectacular

Long Road from Pearl Jam

The View is Better From Up Here

there is just so much. Six months from when Cilla died I went to my childhood neighborhood in Madison, two hours away, to reflect upon my life. I did a lot of writing, flipped open my British literature book to Wordsworth and read "Ode", took many photos, and lay in silence for hours. That same week I got my first tattoo:

the symbol is calligraphy in Arabic, the language used in Egypt, it spells Cat.
This is for Cilla, and this is for the rest of my life. You won't ever be forgotten my lovely Lady.
My soul-mate.